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Otherkin Poets and Poetry

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This is a community for Otherkin who are also poets. We welcome anybody, of any age, any race, any identity. I'd very much like to keep this safe for most, as there are younger Kin and Humans who are just as creative as their elders. There's just a few rules that apply, and they're easy to follow.

1: Please, no negativity. Put-downs, hate, and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. This includes bashing humanity. The idea for this community sprang out of love and a need for the creative inner voice of Otherkin poets to be heard.

2: Profanity is allowed. However, I do ask that you not use excessive profanity (keep it between one and three per piece if you do). It's not hard to edit out existing profanity, and I do want this to be a place where all can come.

3: A few general rules for posting. We'd like to know if your piece has a name, so if it does, let us know that. If it doesn't, that's okay, we know how hard it can be naming a composition. Use the LJ cut to post your works (it's much more user-friendly that way, and it takes less space on friendslists). Please use non-offensive user pictures when posting, put a warning if you think it's somewhat offensive, and if it's extremely adult, I ask that you refrain from posting it. If you don't know how to LJ cut, please go to http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75

See? That's pretty easy. If you feel a need to say something outside of this communities guidelines, I reccomend investigating/posting in 0therkin, as they allow much more to be said.

If I think something should not be in here, I'll edit/delete it, but I'll also let you know why. I'm not fond of doing so, but rules are rules and I'll uphold them.

That all said, have fun and let the creativity flow!