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Thu, Aug. 12th, 2010, 12:27 pm
luna_bear8: Truth

Hi, I'm Luna and I'm a poet. I write from my own emotion and personal experience, I hope you enjoy!!

         Can you tell me what had made me special to you?! Can you see how much I'm always changing to hide it all? Can you see the things I try to erase so you won't forget my fame? And you have seen me cry my last tear just so you know. And this world will never be what I expect of the guesses. And yet can I leave alone what I have come to expect in my own life? Now you see how I will turn this around and you'll be missing me can you guess it? Can you let me help you to feel that it wasn't too late? And yet you thought you had known, known all of what had come of me. But yet I'm here to tell you that you're wrong in a piano serenade with my guitar to acompany. But can you feel these emotions that hinder my being alive? But is it too late? Is it ever going to be too late? And yet I look when your around to hide the sadness when you're near. You are my hidden angel whom will never let me touch you in love and affection. I love the ideal of you that I see in your eyes. Do you realize? You're my angel. Won't you breathe me in? Just breathe me in and when I had asked you your name were you afraid to let me in? So I've hurt my ego again today and I see everyone pinning me with blame. So hold me in my own foldings for I am small, and needing warmth. Be my friend, wrap me up. Hold me when I have fallen. And yet I had been told to love myself eventhough I can be a bitch like you've never seen, and so negative it's offensive. I'm wise in my own respect and so brave you've never seen anyone with such a golden heart. Can I dig my shames? And I'm still here, I blame everyone for my passive agressiveness which is often devestating when I'm so close to down. Can you see the light within my dark? I will be persistant in what I know and that is that I am so high and then so low. I'm so gorgeous and so ugly on the inside at times. And yet who is still here? Just me, ironic at such a young age. And if I told you that I need time for this old soul to continue to gorw and heal would you understand? And yet the evidence was always there that I had been openly wasting my time with many whom had not known my worth. And now that I've fallen can you pick me up again? When romance is our fall can anyone dare love another human being back? They had told me that my colors had started to run and in truth they were simply repositioning my stripes. Who is in despair over certain problems and could it be you? I am the courtesian for dancing till we felt each other, till we felt the life within this beat of our souls. So tell me once again could it be you?